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a leap of faith.

Life has been easy these days. Easy in such a way that what happens is not made by me. I am just a mere participant in this whole new program, in this great system that I cannot fathom but would just thank whole heartedly since I know that I am secured.
Have you found this kind of peace?
The peace that nobody can comprehend. A peace that everyone wants..
A peace that could only be found through the act of the will by faith.
A peace that could only be found in one great word, one great person, one great God, one great father.

Have you found that peace?
Do you want that peace?

visit this.

Change your life, start now.



On criticism.

James 4:11-12
Do not criticize one another, my friends. If you criticize or judge another Christian, you criticize and judge the Law. If you judge the Law, then you are no longer on who obeys the Law, but one who judges it. God is the only lawgiver and judge. He alone can save and destroy. Who do you think you are, to judge someone else?

is it my fault if I care?

I just wanted to let this out. This feeling of getting rejected, this feeling of being unappreciated, of being guilty?, of being misunderstood, of being unwanted.
Is it me, or not me?
I was just being honest, being concerned, but over-protective? maybe.
Maybe partly it was my fault, it was my fault because I just wanted her to be LIKE ME. yeah. It was partly me. But nonetheless, do I really need to be a subject of one's anger? Maybe I was too pushy, like everything that is not like me is bad. Yes, I think that is what He needs me to learn. That sometimes I have to consider the situation first, and judge. Which means I'm judgmental! What a terrible revelation. I learned it the hard way.
I know there are things that I am also guilty of. Like, forcing one to consider my opinions. But I was just being accountable, is there something wrong about it? Hmm. Let me contemplate first. Maybe it was also because of the fact that I am younger and that I don't.. waahhhhhhhhhhhhh! urghh.
Anyway, I'm thankful that I knew this. That somebody made me realize that sometimes I'm too overprotective.
Though I learned it the painful way, it rebuked me and made me realize that I AM A FOOL WHEN I THINK I AM WISE.
Thank You Lord for making me realize such.
To You be the glory.

Course of action:

  • I'll ask forgiveness to Him first.

  • Ask forgiveness to the one involved.

  • Change my being overprotective.

  • Stop being judgmental.

  • Share this to someone.

  • :)
    I felt better.

journal style frustration..

It's time that I learn how to customize my blog.
But there's one thing that hinders me.
I have stumbled onto this page which has tutorials in it, and i'm glad it had pictures since I'm a visual person. However, it did not correspond to my user interface so i was not able to follow its instructions.
Oh well.
Maybe I have to do it again some other time.

another random LJ visit.

I still have this writer's block.
I can't seem to express what I want to say.
I know that I want say something, but I just can't.
Maybe because I am overcame with such joy that is inexpressible.
Joy that I am loved by the King above all kings. That, I am being held by a great Someone that nothing could ever separate me from his love!
And now, topped with English Pre-finals which is about to happen later at 2:30, all I know now is that our teacher is ready to know what we have learned during a month of lectures. Am I ready to show her what I've got? haha.
I admit English is such an enjoyable subject that I don't bother entertaining other ideas outside of the lecture.
And there I go again, I don't know what to write anymore.

simply nostalgic..

I have been in Friendster a while ago, just scanning the testimonials of my friends, five years ago.
Whew, just thinking about them, makes me feel older. I miss the experiences that we had and I just realized that MANY things have changed.
The way we treat each other changes as time goes by, there are those who are so nice in earlier testimonials but as time progresses would just gradually change.
I miss these kinds of friends. I miss the way we were before. Experiences changed them, changed me as well.
I have seen how we started as friends in first year, then we leveled up in second year, still, cherishing the memories that we shared in our first year days, then some would say, "Yudi, 3rd year nta. tani classmates man ta gyapon."..
I could only say that Time changes a person. And reading those posts made me realize that who I am then was really different than who I am now. Because then, I was in the darkness. I realized that I wasn't able to really appreciate those people who cherished me as their friend. Sad as it may seem, I was proud then. I only thought about how I would appeal to people. Them telling me that they missed me were just taken for granted because I only thought about how they would feel about my absence.
In short, I only thought about me, how would I appeal to them, how would I interact with them. In the end I realized that I was not able to share a part of me with them. I real part of me. I was not able to invest my life in theirs, and that makes the big difference. If only I cherished their presence in my life, if only I appreciated them as well. A skin was presented to them, not the meat.
Sorry, I say this to those whom I took for granted, and to myself as well, for not being true.

PAST IS PAST. And I am a new creation now, it's Jesus that makes me whole. And with Him, who I am them is the exact opposite. I am willing to invest my life. Doing hard things makes my life worthwhile.

God bless!

time needs time,.

so here's what happened..
actually, it's from a conversation with a friend, Kirstie.. I chose not to retell it because editing makes it farther than what happened because it would involve further paraphrasing.
Please let me know what you think, so I could reflect on it more. thanks.

Kirzz: kta q plurks mu
jonah jala: HI Kirzz. hehe
Kirzz: naano?
jonah jala: huo. i'm repenting now..
kirzz: prob?
jonah jala: wahh
jonah jala:
kirzz: jon ok klh?
kirzz:nu prob?
kirzz:ahu haw?
jonah jala: haha. kay dan sala sang akon being irresponsible at this stage of life.
jonah jala: kay dan prefinals nmon sbong.
jonah jala: te ang sched sang last ko nga exam is 10 to 11:30, so ang next is 2:30.
jonah jala: bale, nagpuli ko sa bh to study for the next exam..
jonah jala: dba 2:30? so I planned to take a nap and mbugtaw ko mag2pm.
jonah jala: so i did set the alarm clock to 2pm. ang cp ko lowbatt na gid so gncharge ko..
jonah jala: nag-alarm gdmn ang clock at 2pm.
jonah jala: pero, the problem was that I didn't know nga gahingalo na ang akon nga batt sa alarclock.
jonah jala: gnhmbln nko sang boarmate ko nga 2:30 na hu!!
jonah jala: la pko nagpati cya kay nagtrust gd ko nga tskto ang oras sng clock ko..
jonah jala: pro sala gidman.
jonah jala: pagtan-aw ko sa relo sang cp ko, it was 2:45 alreadyy.
jonah jala: so didto na ko start worry..
jonah jala: pro nkaabot ko sa skul, pro another thing that happened.. ntabuan nga strict ang proctor..
jonah jala: ra kpa kirzz??
kirzz:go on
jonah jala: ok..
jonah jala: then, by the time I stepped on the doorway, she was there on the other side.. looking straight at me.
jonah jala: then told me, "Mangkota to si mam mo kung pkwaon ypa ka sang exam"
jonah jala: so went to look for my teacher.
jonah jala: so, wla ko kkwa exam upod sa mga classmates ko on the subject.
jonah jala: there.
jonah jala: that was the main problem, but there is another one. hahaha.
kirzz:te ka make up exam kpa?
kirzz:lol. te ano?
jonah jala: nkkwa nko actually. kgna..
jonah jala: kay dba gnngita ko si mam to ask kung pwede pko kkwa exa,
jonah jala: *exam
kirzz:te ano ang next prob?
jonah jala: so nkita ko na xa.
jonah jala: it's not much of a problem actually, more of a realization about wrong communication receiving. hahaha
kirzz:cge lg ah
kirzz:at least u learned from it
jonah jala: pagsturyhnay nmon ni mam mga 4pm, to na, gnpranka yko nga i have to pay 100 for the exam. so thinking nga it was not that big issue kay considering nga an hour and a half ang duration sang exam,
jonah jala: kag an hour pa ang nbilin bla, not totally nga la na time nga nabilin,,.
jonah jala: ang proctor ang nagdecide lang.
jonah jala: t gnrason ko cya
jonah jala: ti galing, hmbal sang mga classmates ko, nghmbal daw ang proctor nga "Ngitaa to si mam mo, pmangkota kung pwede kpa kkwa exam kag balik ka di sa akon."
jonah jala: notice the last group of wors.
jonah jala: *words
jonah jala: so dba nkita ko si mam, and it was understood between us nga pwede ko kkwa exam.
jonah jala: pro i missed the part nga mblik pko..
jonah jala: then, sa side nmn ni mam ya, ang nbtian ya kuno is nagmangkot ko kung, "pwede pa ako kkwa exam later."
jonah jala: so two different things right?
jonah jala: so, la lang. nugunan ko sang 100.
jonah jala: kay tani, nka-apas pko kwa exam tani.
jonah jala: kag nka-atend pko sa appointment with kuya tim. hahaha.
jonah jala: toink,
jonah jala: clearly, present actions could define more things to happen in your life.
jonah jala: wahh.
jonah jala: thanks kim. nkapautwas mn ko.
jonah jala:
jonah jala:
kirzz:wait lang jon ha?
jonah jala: okay


as what I have already told my classmates earlier, I would not forget this day.
I will let this event teach me about things I have mislooked and took for granted.
And I also learned, "If you can do it now, do it or else you won't have any other opportunities.."

Kim, thank you so much for being there.
I really appreciate it.

God has got me. :)

Everything I think that happens in each of our lives has a definite purpose on the schedule of our existence.
We may not decipher it, but it's true: Each happening has a consequence that we need to experience so that we may live this life.


I am fulfilling it.
And I like it. :)

until 12.

What's with the internet that keeps me hooked??
nothing. It's just my psychological yearnings for more. Confusing isn't it? Human nature.

my day today has lots of material unfoldings.

but the most important one was, I WAS ABLE TO SHARE!
be a successful witness.


It was a frightening one, I am at first unsure about it, I am not a social butterfly yah know. So I mustered all my courage and prayed to God to give me enough Spirit to take the challenge. And the Lord didn't fail me. I had it.


it was memorable.

living my purpose..

Living my purpose

I live here on earth not for myself. And that truth I realized lately today.
It's true that we must live not for ourselves, but for others. For example, why do we study hard? It's because we want to give our family a good life. Why do we want to wake up everyday? SO that we would let the world experience that a person like us lives in earth and that we want to let them know that we could have an impact in their lives.

You know what? It would be very lonesome to live for one's self only. Isn't it? Like one practices everyday so as to perfect writing his english to be able to please himself.

on the long run, we live for excellence so that we could serve better. right? For what is the use of being able to earn millions of dollars if we could not share our happines with somebody else? It would be stressing in our part to celebrate our joy alone. Our feelings could overflow and possibly would lead us to mental sickness. right?

SO, live like the lives of others depend on you, and this Christmas, it just reminds us that the ideal purpose of living is for others.
The true essence of Christmas lies on being obedient and faithful to God, telling stories about God's glory to anyone who listens, and to
proclaim God's glory in our lives. This is how we should live our life.

That's how living for God is like.
It's living for others.